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A Downtown Howell Shoot | Location Scouting with Jessica

Downtown Howell Portraits

I had so much fun walking around Downtown Howell and taking photos of my beautiful cousin! She was literally the perfect model to take along scouting new locations for some of my upcoming clients! I am so thankful that I have a huge, tight-knit family to help out any time I need a model for such an occasion! Jessica is like another little sister to me, and I love spending time with her. She needed some new photos anyhow, and we thought why not go walk around together and have some fun?!?

Location scouting is one thing that many people don’t even think of when hiring a photographer. I put so much effort into trying to find new/awesome spots to take my clients for photos. I love tailoring sessions to fit the style my clients are looking for and the location is a huge part of that! Obviously, I have a few favorite spots that I like to return to again and again. But I would say that we definitely found some GREAT spots for photos in Downtown Howell. I would love to go back here for a senior session! (*subtle hint* to my Class of ’21 Seniors!).

While I am on the topic of finding great locations for photos, I think it is important to note that I am hoping to do a future post on “trusting your photographer”. Sometimes you may see a pretty backdrop and think WOW that will look gorgeous! BUT… if the lighting isn’t right, the beautiful backdrop will not look as great as you imagined. You would be so surprised to learn how many AMAZING portraits were taken on the side of a parking lot! Hopefully someday very soon I will get a chance to write up a post on this! BUT that is a post for another day, today I just want you to check out these adorable photos we took in some cool and colorful spots!

Girl sitting in the lantern alley in Downtown Howell Michigan
Girl standing in a pretty alley filled with ivy and lanterns in Downtown Howell Michigan
Pretty black and white photo of a woman standing under a tree
Photos of a girl in Downtown Howell (Senior photo style)
Pretty headshot in Downtown Howell Michigan
girl sitting in front of a fountain, and girl sitting in front of a pretty worn brick wall.
black and white photo of a girl sitting in front of a brick wall
girl kneeling in front of a Howell Michigan sign in Downtown Howell
girl standing in front of a pink building
girl standing in front of a pink building with a Howell Michigan mural in Downtown howell.

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