It’s All In the (Wedding) Details!

December 9, 2020

If you have found yourself reading this post, then chances are you are in the planning phases of your wedding! Congratulations!! Writing this post seemed like a great idea to help my couples prepare for their big day! Wedding details are some of my favorite photos from the day. You spend so much time choosing all these small elements, and I love showcasing them with beautiful photos. These wedding detail shots are also beautiful storytelling photos for your wedding album.

I always arrive a little early on wedding days to ensure I have enough time to photograph these items WELL. Photographing these specific bridal details first thing on a wedding day really gets my creative juices flowing! I know it may seem silly, but these photos truly end up setting the tone for the day, they get me warmed up, and help me begin to understand how I can best tell YOUR story through the rest of the day! For this reason, I always recommend that my couples allow AT LEAST an hour and a 1/2 for bridal prep time. This leaves me plenty of time to properly capture these details, as well as the bride and her girls getting ready together!

The following is a list of items that would be great for you to have set aside, ready to go when I arrive! It helps if you pack what you can in a little shoebox the night before so that you won’t feel rushed on the day of! I know that not every bride will have ALL of these items, and that is totally ok! You can just gather whatever applies to you 🙂

Wedding Detail List:

Dress (and special hanger if you have one!) TIP: Even if you haven’t ordered a custom hanger for your gown, a plain wooden hanger would be something to consider bringing. Your gown is far too pretty to be photographed with a plastic hanger!


Rings – all 3 of them!


Jewelry: I will photograph your wedding day jewelry! Be sure to have your necklace/earrings/any other special jewelry set aside!


Invitation Suite: Include all pieces if possible, including envelopes!

Bouquet/Bouts: If possible, try to ensure that your bouquet will arrive before I do!

Keepsakes/Special Gifts

BONUS item: Extra blooms/stems. Sometimes a florist will include a couple of extra blooms if you ask – these are beautiful elements to include in the detail shots, and they can sometimes end up being the perfect finishing touch!

Wedding Details
Wedding Details Brides gown and shoes
Wedding Details
Wedding Details Bridal gown
Wedding Details
Wedding Details Wedding Ring
Wedding Details
Grooms Shoes


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