It was an ordinary day in sixth grade when I hopped on the school bus and sat next to my best friend. I wore Old Navy overalls and a goofy grin on my face. He wore the expression of a boy who had already accepted my silly ways, and liked me anyways. I will never know why, but someone snapped a picture of us that day. I could have never dreamed how important that photo would become, because about ten years later, I married that boy!

It's photos like this that drew me to photography, ones that are seemingly insignificant at the time they are taken, but end up becoming the ones you will look back on every valentines day for the rest of your life. Special moments that you didn't know were happening right before your eyes. 

My Why...

My husband and I, 12 years old!

Our family now!

hen I'm not documenting love stories, and meeting incredible clients like you, you will likely find me crawling around the floor through a sea of legos as I build creations with my son or throwing parties with my four year old daughter in her barbie dream house. When the playing is over, I can likely be found on the couch cuddled up in my barefoot dreams blanket while I scroll Pinterest for new throw pillows for the millionth time, or walking up and down Main Street looking for the best taco restaurant with my hubby. I have a wide range of interests, and I am just as likely to gush with you over the latest episode of Outlander as I am to trade stepbrother quotes with your groom! 

As a Mom myself, nothing melts my heart faster than watching a bride and her Mother tear up while zipping the dress, or watching as a groom shares his "last" dance with his mother. No matter how many weddings I've shot, it never gets old. Don't be surprised if you see me tearing up behind my camera on a wedding day. *I actually got teary eyed during a father of the bride speech at a wedding where I was SECOND SHOOTING, you guys... I didn't even know the couple! It's a whole thing... Don't judge me


A little more about me...

Capturing other beautiful couples and families



Married to my best friend



Okay, maybe i'm a little biased. 

perfect kids


who is so deserving of photos you'll treasure for life.



Color: Blue
Current Coffee Order: Caramel Latte
TV Shows: Yellowstone and Outlander
Other faves: My Family, book, plants, my home state: Michigan, Mac lipstick, YSL Libre Perfume, White linens, Decorating, Gardening, and Candles

A few of my favorite things

It's your story I'm here to tell!

enough about me.