Senior Photos in Downtown Milford, MI | Cameron

Senior Photo in an alleyway in Milford, Mi

I had so much fun doing these senior photos for Cameron! We started off his senior photos in downtown Milford. Then we headed to Kensington park to finish up for the night. Cameron is seriously the NICEST and most polite guy, and handsome to boot! With a combination like that, this guy is going to have nothing but success! Cam was seriously so patient with me as I posed him a million different ways and made him do the same things over and over again. Thankfully, he is super laid back and he just took it all in stride and kept a smile on his face the whole time. Speaking of smiles, did I mention that Cameron wants to be a dentist?!? Or an orthodontist, he hasn’t decided 100%. The point is, I am so excited to have the hookup in a few years HAHA!

Back to his patience…

The whole time we were in downtown Milford, I kept telling Cam and his Mom how excited I was to head over to Kensington Park to finish up his senior photos. One of my favorite, most coveted photo spots is there. I was hyping it up the whole session. When we got there, I made a mad dash over to my favorite spot, only to find that it had been completely overtaken by gnats! Cameron kept that handsome smile right on his face though, and we headed to somewhere new. Thankfully, we found some other amazing spots, and I may even add them to my “favorites list”!

Not only is this guy incredibly bright, he is an amazing athlete as well! I was sure to include his hockey and baseball gear in some of his senior photos. Hockey and baseball have both been an important part of his life since he was very young. And just look at all the accolades on his varsity jacket – which he earned as a FRESHMAN!

It was so fun spending the afternoon doing this senior photo session. Cameron and his Mom are awesome (I already knew this, his mom is basically my Aunt… I had been looking forward to doing these photos for a while!). I want to wish a huge CONGRATULATIONS on being almost finished with high school! Yay Cam, class of 2020!

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Senior Photo, boy walking down a pretty street with a white picket fence.
Senior photo, boy laughing in letter jacket. And also walking down a street in downtown Milford, Mi with a white picket fence.
Senior photo of a boy in a suit on a brick paver walkway in downtown Milford, Mi. And another photo in the same spot with hockey gear on.
Senior photo in Milford, Mi at Kensington Park. Boy standing on a bridge.
Boy sitting on a bridge in Downtown Milford, Mi in his baseball uniform. Senior Portrait.
Senior Photo of a boy walking on a path, and another photo of the same boy carrying his letter jacket.
Senior Photo in Downtown Milford, Mi. Young man in a suit.
Senior Photos of a young man standing on a dock in Milford, Mi at Kensington Metropark.
Senior Photo of a young man standing on a dock at Kensington Metropark in Milford, Mi.
Senior Photo of a boy in his baseball jersey.
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